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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

This course is aimed at candidates who would like to improve their ability to deliver Exceptional Customer Service to every Customer. It is suitable for staff interacting at any level with Customers, either directly or on the telephone.

What are the Benefits of undertaking this highly interactive training course?

  1. Increase Employee Morale And Performance
  2. Improve Customer Service and Support Standards
  3. Increase Customer Sales & Satisfaction

Course Units:

Unit 1 - Building A Strong Service Culture

Unit 2 - The Eight Principles of Customer Service

Unit 3 - Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Unit 4 - Service Recovery

Unit 5 - Communication Skills


10 hours approximately



Interview with Confidence - Training For Success

Interview with Confidence

Learn how to excel at any Job Interview and land your Dream Job!

Emmy award Winning Producer and Career and Life Coach

Learners who complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify the pitfalls to avoid before and during the interview
  • Research and analyse prospective employers and the jobs that they offer
  • Conduct a self assessment
  • Identify the skills and qualities that make you outstanding
  • Identify and handle different types of interviews
  • Compile and complete a job Application Form, Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae with confidence
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Prepare for a telephone, individual, group and behavioral type interviews.
  • Utilise and understand effective questioning techniques
  • Structure behavior type answers using the STAR Model
  • Present winning answers to interview questions
  • Present yourself at an interview fully prepared and confident
  • Maximise your chances of success

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