Manual Handling

Minimise Disruption To Your Business

This eLearning course will help you reduce your training and development costs. Training online means that you no longer have to disrupt your business by gathering everyone together for theoretical training; instead, your staff can dip in and out of their training during their downtime.

At Training For Success, we pride ourselves in designing Cost-Effective Engaging, Interactive Courses that get Results! Our Customers tells us we are the Best!

Legal Requirement

Being competent in safe carrying and lifting techniques for the workplace is a legal requirement for Employers.

The Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005 require employers to ensure that employees are trained and competent in Manual Handling. This Manual Handling Course will help ensure that you are compliant with the Regulations. It is designed to reinforce the theory of Manual Handling, that is sometimes forgotten once face to face training is completed. It will help ensure that your staff have the knowledge to reduce manual handling injuries, which are a leading cause of work disability.

Mitigate Risks

Companies who are fully committed to the welfare of their staff are providing face to face Manual Handling Training, combined with Online Manual Handling Training to help mitigate risks.

Did you know that Poor Manual Handling is responsible for more than a third of all workplace accidents reported to the safety authorities across the world each year? Back injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques are one of the most frequent causes of workers compensation claims.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is aimed at all levels of employees who undertake manual handling operations, including:

  • Office Staff
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Warehouse and factory staff
  • Manual labourers
  • Unloading and loading of vehicles
  • Construction and building site workers
  • Farmhands

Course Units:

Unit 1 - General

Unit 2 – Health & Safety Legislation

Unit 3 - Anatomy and Back Care

Unit 4 - Risk Assessments

Unit 5 - Manual Handling Techniques

Unit 6 - Transporting A Load

Interactive Cost-Effective Online Training:

Staff will have access to engaging course content, videos, interactive activities and knowledge check quizzes that are designed to accelerate the learning.

Management Tracking and Reporting:

Management can track the progression of their staff. Retrieve reports in seconds when required by clients and regulatory bodies. Monitor training through a simple traffic light system. Track and store Certificates.


Upon successful completion of this course, your staff will receive a Certificate in the Theory of Manual Handling that is internationally recognised.


2-3 Hours

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Customer Service Excellence

This highly interactive, internationally-certified CPD course will help you stand out from the crowd and empower you to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service to your Customers.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Convert your Customers into Raven Fans by consistently delivering Outstanding
    Customer Service.
  2. Communicate effectively with your Customers (Internal and External).
  3. Apply Seven Essential Steps to Excellent Service Recovery.

This Interactive Online Self-Paced Course includes the following Modules:

Module 1 - Building A Strong Service Culture

Module 2 - The Eight Principles of Customer Service

Module 3 - Delivering an Outstanding Customer Service Experience

Module 4 - Service Recovery

Module 5 - Communication Skills


CPD Certificate of Achievement


6 hours


€249.00 - Self-Paced Online Learning


€300.00 - Virtual Training Over Zoom or In-House (contact us for details)

Hotel Receptionist Diploma – Hotelier Hub

Enrol on our “Hotel Receptionist Diploma Course" and you could be working in the Hotel Industry sooner than you think! This course was designed in co-operation with leading Hotels.

Sophisticated Emulator

"Hotelier Hub" allows you turn your home computer into a Hotel Property Management System so that you can experience what it is really like to work as a Hotel Receptionist. "Hotelier Hub" is based on the common functions of live Hotel Property Management Systems used by Hotels throughout the world.

Simulated Role Play

Practice making reservations for fictitious guests, along with checking them in, posting charges to their bill, editing or cancelling their reservation, checking them out and so much more.

Diploma Award:

This Diploma Award is made up of the following Certificates:

  1. Hotelier Hub
  2. Customer Service Excellence

Train the trainer

Train The Trainer – Face to Face Virtual and Tutor Supported Self-Paced Online Learning

Training & Development QQI Level 6 Award

Attracts 30 National Framework of Qualifications Credits

Join us on this Internationally Certified CPD & QQI Accredited Blended Learning "Train the Trainer" Course, and we will share with you powerful strategies and techniques that will help you deliver training that is memorable, lively, interactive and effective. This course is designed to help you inspire your Learners to great success!

QQI Level 6 Qualification - Worth 30 NFQ Credits

This overall Special Purpose Award (6S3372) is made up of the following Component Certificates and will help you become an Outstanding Trainer that uses the Accelerated Learning Approach:

  1. Training Needs Identification and Design - 6N3325
  2. Training Delivery and Evaluation - 6N3326

Flexible Learning:

This highly engaging practical "Train the Trainer" Course is delivered through a combination of:

  1. Self-Paced Learning through our easy to use Online Learning Platform.
  2. Tutor Led Workshop and Assessment over Zoom (approximately 6 Hours throughout your training).
  3. Tutor Supported Training.

 Course Modules:

  1. Theories of Training & Adult Learning
  2. The Role of the Trainer
  3. Programme Design
  4. Preparing For Training Delivery
  5. Training Delivery & Assessment
  6. Evaluation of Training
  7. Training Needs Identification

Course Duration:

Both Component Certificates must be completed within twelve weeks of commencement.


  1. QQI Train the Trainer - Training Needs Identification & Design(6N3325)
  2. QQI Train the Trainer - Training Delivery & Evaluation (6N3326)
  3. CPD - Train the Trainer - Training & Development


  • Students must have an Irish PPS or a U.K. National Insurance Number to receive a QQI Certificate.
  • Students living outside Ireland will receive a TFS/CPD Training & Development Train the Trainer Certificate.

This Course is validated by QQI at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Why Train With Us?

With 30 years of "Working For Excellence" in the Training & Development Industry, we are renowned as Training & Development Experts. We are passionate about delivering fun, engaging, interactive training that gets results and have nurtured and empowered thousands (1000's) of people to reach their Peak Performance.

Our qualifications form an integral part of the curriculum of our college and corporate training partners in Ireland & Overseas.

Terms and Conditions:

Please check the Terms and Conditions of this Course before booking it.

Special Offer Price for a Limited Period:

Fees: €695.00 €495.00

Certification in CPD & QQI Train the Trainer - Training Needs Identification and Design, and Training Delivery and Evaluation is included in the Fees. Once you book this Course, you can start anytime within two weeks of registration.

Book Now To Be Guarantee the Special Offer Price:

International Best Practices:

In accordance with International Best Practices, this course is designed to enhance your existing skills, knowledge and attitude in relation to:

  1. Training Needs Identification
  2. Course Design
  3. Course Delivery
  4. Evaluation of Training

The programme is aimed at candidates who are:

  • Planning a career in Training and Development
  • Newly appointed trainers
  • On the job trainers
  • Trainers who need to up-skill and gain a formal national qualification
  • Team leaders
  • Staff involved in administration, delivery, design and assessment.

Previous students include:

Hairdressers, beauticians, health care assistants, nurses, painters, decorators, builders, gardeners, mechanics, fitness instructors, driving instructors, forklift drivers, accountants, yoga teachers, security staff, engineers, cabin crew, airport staff, travel agents, firefighters, hotel staff, coaches, instructors, teachers, trainers etc.

Virtual Workshops Over Zoom:

We have managed the art of delivering our Virtual Workshops over Zoom in a way that matches our Fun and Interactive Classroom Training!

Is this CPD & QQI Qualification recognised throughout the world?

Yes, this CPD & QQI Qualification is recognised worldwide.

The QQI Qualification is aligned on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications at Level 6 and referenced to the following Education Frameworks:

Education FrameworkLevel
European Qualifications Framework5
Irish National Framework of Qualifications6
Regulated Qualifications Framework England/Northern Ireland5/4
Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework8/7
Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales5/4

Face To Face Socially Distance Classroom Training:

This course is also available through classroom training. Please contact us for further details.

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