Amadeus & Galileo Global Distribution System (GDS/CRS)

These course are internationally recognised and  will help you upgrade your CV.


  1. I am aware that I must get 85% in my final examinations in order to receive my Certificate of Achievement.
  2. I am aware that completion of this course does not guarantee me employment.
  3. I am aware that my training and final exam must be completed within a three month period from the date of purchase of my course(s).
  4. I am also aware that this course is under copyright and therefore I will not allow this course to pass on to anybody else.
  5. This online course is licensed for use by one person.
  6. This course may not be distributed to third parties or copied in any way.
Course fees are non refundable once you start the course. Please click here and complete the Acceptance Form, which confirms that you have accepted the above Terms and Conditions
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