Terms of Service (Version 1)

Acquiring the services of Training for Success (the Company) legally indicates that you are willfully agreeing to the Terms and Conditions (Terms of Service) mentioned below.

Training for Success reserves the right to update and modify the Terms of Service as needed without prior notice. Launch of new features, tools and resources that improves the service being provided by the Company shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions. Continuity of your subscription will be acknowledged as your consent to the changes or enhancements made.

Noncompliance to any Terms of Service listed below will result to the cancellation of your subscription. Please note that the Company is not responsible for any content posted via the Learning Management System (LMS) and you must agree to the following to use the service.

  1. You must provide all necessary documents requested to accomplish the account setup process.
  2. You are responsible for your account and password security. Training for Success will not be liable for any loss or damage if you fail to oblige with this safety accountability.
  3. You are responsible for all the activity done and content uploaded under your account. This applies to the other users who have supplemental access or account under your credentials.
  4. This agreement is between you and Training For Success; therefore, courses from third parties, cannot be uploaded onto the system, without prior written consent from Training For Success.
  5. You must not use the Company’s LMS for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. You are expected to abide all laws in your jurisdiction including but not limited to copyright laws.
  6. The fee for the services rendered by the Company will be billed in advance on a yearly basis and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds for partially used monthly enrolments, upgrade/downgrade fee or unused active accounts.
  7. All fees are exclusive of all taxes and tariffs imposed by the government. You shall be responsible for the disbursement of these charges.
  8. You are responsible for officially cancelling or terminating your account. This should be communicated legitimately to the administrators of the Company.
  9. The Company reserves the right to suspend or deactivate your account and refuse any and all present utilisation of the services it provides for any reason at any time.
  10. Materials and information you uploaded will remain as your intellectual property.
  11. The Company is not obliged to check or evaluate the content of the materials you’ll upload however, the Company has sole discretion to refuse or remove any information you posted.
  12. The actual platform and the courses offered by Training for Success are copyrighted. Duplication, copy or reuse of any visual model or concepts without permission from the Company is prohibited.
  13. Technical support will be provided upon request and depending on the issue, the troubleshooting might be scheduled. Such incident should be communicated clearly with the administrators. The Company holds no liability regarding any loss due to such interference.
  14. You understand that the Company also has contracts with third party vendors and hosting affiliates that provide needed hardware, programs, data storage and other related technological requirements essential to the delivery of the services and products.
  15. The Company may, but not officially be responsible to, erase Content and even deactivate accounts that we determine in our sole discretion are illegal, violent, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or otherwise violates any party’s Terms of Service.
  16. You must not upload any file suspected to contain any virus that may affect the system.
  17. The Company does not warrant that all the services will be incessant, timely, flawless or free of faults.
  18. You agree that the Company will not be responsible for any direct, indirect or major damages including but not limited to loss of revenue, data, business, goodwill or injury to your reputation, unauthorised access to your account, loss, deletion, or damage to content or data, unauthorised uploading of data or any other issues relating to the aforementioned.
  19. We will try to give you access to your customised platform all the times, however, we do not make any promises or provide you with a warranty that our website or the services will be without any faults or interruptions; be secure or private or that it won’t have any viruses etc.
  20. We can change these terms at any time if we give you 30 days’ notice of the change.
  21. The Terms and Conditions establish the agreement between you and the Company and will serve as your guidance in utilising the services and products provided.
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